marine metadata

Metadata is a critical component of the AODC Ocean Portal and will provide the mechanism for data discovery through the Marine Catalogue. The AODC has defined a marine community of practice metadata profile of ISO 19115 and is developing a metadata entry and search tool to support the marine profile.

Marine Community Metadata Profile

The AODC has defined a Marine Community Profile (MCP) supports the documentation and discovery of marine spatial datasets and forms the foundation of the Marine Catalogue. The MCP has been developed in accordance with the rules established by the International Standard ISO 19115 Geographic information - Metadata. The MCP is a subset of the standard and includes all ISO 19115 core metadata elements. In addition, the MCP has defined supplementary elements, codelists and controlled vocabularies to assist in the description of marine resources. The MCP is compliant with ISO 19106 Geographic information - Profiles which describes the rules for developing profiles of the 19100 series standards.

Brief description of the Marine Community Profile (PDF)

Download the Marine Community Profile (version 1.4) (PDF)

Metadata Entry and Search Tool

The Metadata Entry and Serach Tool (MEST), developed by BlueNet on behalf of the AODCJF, provides a tool to search for metadata records describing marine datasets. The MEST allows users to search for data and assess its quality through a metadata description. This web-based data entry tool supports the Marine Community Profile and includes an XML export tool to produce ISO 19115 compliant files. A copy of this aplication can be downloaded from the BlueNet wiki. Please note that this is a test version and is not yet suitable for production use.



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